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Building a customized home can be an overwhelming task especially when it comes to designing the heart of your home, your kitchen. Everyone has an image in mind as to how everything will be organized from kitchen furniture to flooring and whatnot. It is time now to do away with regular styling and decorate your interior with distinctive and customized ideas. However, there are plenty of styling details available in the market, but one shall make sure that these should not interfere with the practicality of the kitchen style and function. Finding a middle ground between elegance and function is what we must always look for from a modular kitchen dealer in Gurgaon. Here are some of the important points that should be considered when you plan to get a custom designed kitchen interior for a happy cooking experience.

Our Vision.

To make kitchens that rethink the genuine significance of extravagance

OM Kitchens was made remembering the way that our clientelle should be perceived and given a definitive answers for extravagance kitchens. Our Vision has been basic since the start, to turn into the main brand in the country by birthing kitchens that reclassify extravagance one might say that upsets the business. We need to be a widely acclaimed brand in kitchen arrangements however not as a result of our hello finished result line yet to stand side by side with our sister concern, OM Sinks and live upto the potential for our regarded customers in the business.

Our Mission.

Upset the Industry, slowly and carefully

Our Mission in making OM Kitchens was with the end goal that every single family in India that merits extravagance at their own home gets only the genuine significance of extravagance kitchens. May it be U-Shaped, L-Shaped, Straight, Parallel or Island kitchens, our group of profoundly prepared specialists ensures that our customers get only the best and by the best we mean, the best rich plans that reforms the whole business slowly and carefully. OM Kitchens focusses on furnishing arrangements that brand the business with the name of just OM

5 Important Points to Consider while
Designing a Customized Kitchen

Storage Space is a must

Ample space for storage of grocery is to be kept in mind when you are conceptualizing your kitchen style. You should make sure that enough cupboard, shelves and pantries are incorporated to ensure proper functioning of the kitchen in a long run.

Sensible Designing

The best modular kitchen designing not only means picking up the option that looks good to the eyes, but to also look for every minute detail associated with it. Materials used in the making of the kitchen should be water-resistant, durable, and simple to scrub. Undoubtedly, these minor details assist you with planning your kitchen time productively.

Exploring Multiple Options

One must keep all the choices open when looking for the best modular kitchen designs. Not only the catalogues offered, you must make a thorough research on the web and many residential décor magazines to come to an effective conclusion. This will widen the scope for creativity and will give you ample of options to choose from.

Expert Advice

Needless to mention, expert advice can never be neglected. Not only will it save time but also will help in designing your kitchen in your budget. Their knowledgeable recommendations will help you get a tailored kitchen with all that you need and that too at pocket-friendly expense. Many interior designing firms in Gurgaon offer superb combination of ancient craft and out-of-the-box ideas to come up with extremely functional customized modular kitchens.

Managing Cabinet Height

It is believed that a cabinet with height reaching the ceiling will make the room look taller. But it is an individual choice. Make a note that the upper shelves cannot be easily accessed. It is however advised to keep smaller cabinets on top of usual ones to increase storage space.

Turn your dream kitchen to reality with the best in market customized modular kitchen ideas from expert interior designers in Gurgaon. From placing a separate cabin for sinks and dishwashers, picking up easy to clean materials to giving easy access to garbage bins and choosing stain free flooring to avoid spilling, every minute detail is taken care of to ease your cooking experience.